January 5, 2014

Blue Day...

"Blue Day"
Pellon stained with various inks and acrylics,
18 x 24"

Being a huge fan of the film Twice Upon a Time (Lucas/Korty),  I wanted to kick off the new year by finishing my Pellon cut-out project. There is no rhyme or reason to this guy. I just wanted to experiment with mood by staining (and re-staining) the fabric. There are a couple glitches I'm going to try and fix. Other than that, I need to move on.

This is a very friendly material. I would totally entertain making a kid's book or an animated short with this stuff.

Happy New Year by the way! Even though I've been enjoying writing lately, I plan on posting more stuff in 2014. 

Thanks to all who follow my blog.


DSM said...

Nice grays...sort of a sumi ink look. Happy New Year!

Bob Logan said...

Happy New Year to you, DSM! The ink was terrifying. So random. I diluted it, poured it on, and watched it spread.